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cango rinaldi nyaklánc, Designed for the open road, in particular for bare motorcycles, the Speed-R Series 2 is lighter than its predecessor 1,450 g in fiberglass version / 1,370 g in carbon skin). The Race Pro-R is Shark's new high end composite fiber helmet. Totally designed through a reverse engineering process, the Race-R Pro Carbon has been developed from technical data as close as possible from human head specifications. Shark has therefore taken into account your own constraints before considering its own. If you're making a touring motorcycle helmet, you need to consider multiple factors.Of course, in addition to looking high-tech and racey, the carbon-fibre also means excellent strength and low weight – the helmet is quoted at some 1320g and it feels every bit the part. Skwal 2 Switch Riders Full Face Helmet by Shark Helmets®. To improve ventilation inside the helmet, Shark has introduced a minimalistic ventilation system.That's not to say there aren't quieter ones out there but in my experience with about three dozen helmets, this is the quietest one. So, of course, I received a new Spartan Blank in black gloss. It may collect fingerprints but a smooth glossy finish makes it easy to see imperfections in the finish.Again, that's great for having a secure helmet that shouldn't come off in an accident. But from June 2017, the fibreglass version's score was changed to four stars too as the earlier helmet used a type of shell that was replaced. It's also DOT certified, although it hasn't been tested by the guys at Snell Shark doesn't submit their helmets to them for testing).The new reference among GT Sport helmets The SPARTAN GT, our brand-new fiber composite full-face helmet, features SHARK's latest innovations and expertise acquired over the. Spartan GT Carbon Tracker Full Face Helmet by Shark Helmets®. Spartan GT Carbon Skin Full Face Helmet by Shark Helmets®. Spartan GT Carbon Kromium Full Face Helmet by Shark Helmets®.It's been a while since webBikeWorld reviewed a helmet from Shark. In fact, it looks like it has been nearly five years since we reviewed the Raw helmet. Maybe part of the reason was that Shark went through some changes in USA distribution?

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