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nike shox clearance womens sale, Dallas's helmets are right up there with the Niners for best in the league, and like San Fran, I think they perfect their color scheme on these home threads. While the blue stripes and fill-ins are spot on, my favorite part about these uniforms are the silver pants with white and blue stripes running down the side. It's different, and it slaps for America's Team. The Rams' final step in their rebrand was all-new uniforms. After the embarrassing response to their logo change, fans' expectations weren't too high.The tiger stripes are such an easy thing to get right, but yet the Bengals designers have managed to over complicate it. Usatoday.comThe Lions wear the classic Honolulu Blue uniforms and look great. They wear the white uniforms trimmed in Honolulu Blue they look great. But when they wear the all grey Color Rush uniforms they look awful. There's nothing flashy about the black and yellow uniforms of the Steelers, and that's the way it should be in Pittsburgh.For a solid 1/3 of their history, the Chargers went with it. The Panthers have experimented a lot with light neon blue uniforms, and those are pretty cool, but their very best fit is these classics. There's a reason they've had these uniforms since their inception.The NFL's Color Rush era was mainly was a failure; almost everything teams attempted failed. But there were a couple of exceptions, and in particular, the Chargers' uniform was extraordinarily slick. Even the silver pants work — and I'm not someone who thinks silver pants typically work. I don't know why they ever decided to get rid of these. Which squads have looked the slickest in league history?The Bills look clean in all their kits, and their all-red color rush uniform is bold in the best way. The stripes and numbers are, again, simple yet effective. The one time they tried to branch out, it didn't go well.These are probably the best red uniforms the league has ever had, especially considering the white helmets and the Pat Patriot logo. Things started picking up for the team, then they rebranded. It features powder blue and yellow, with a lightning bolt that has been altered slightly.If you like the simplistic style the Saints do that right. Seattle underwent a big redesign from Nike in 2012 and in my opinion, it has paid off in a big way. They can go simple with all navy uniforms or go for a splash with the neon green kit which is one of the best color rush options in the league.

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