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anekke bags, The year 2001 is at the bottom of that side. The other side has the player's name cut out and his number. In the middle is the NBA logo and the numbers 15-1, which represents the playoff record of the Lakers - the best in league history. The overall season record is also on this side. The largest ring size is 15 1/2, the smallest is 8 1/2.The Kings altered their main colors to black, white, and silver, to match the NFL's Raiders who were based in LA at the time. Longtime Kings fans certainly won't be surprised to learn that nearly all team scoring records for players while wearing no. 9 are held by Bernard Nicholls. It is little remembered that upon first being called up from the AHL, Bernie actually wore no. 15 and no. 10 before finally settling on no. 9. As noted in JFTC's original Who Wore it Best? Feature, only statistics gathered while wearing a particular sweater number are considered in our rankings.Tom knew that changing the color of the beard was a disastrous choice. Third jersey designs for the NHL that utilized gradations whenever and wherever possible. But Dan's hunch about the young freelance designer that was just out of college was a right one, as Ken brought to the table exactly what Dan had envisioned for the logo.Uniqueness is a beautiful thing for me, and it doesn't get much more unique than this look in hockey. A perfect mix of being different, looking classy, and throwing it back to the old school days of a franchise. Truly one of the best third jerseys in league history.Hockey-Reference utilizes Official NHL data for current NHL seasons. The 90's logo is really not good at all when you think about it. The shape is all over the place, there are two totally different fonts… And the lines behind the letters, like the word is moving fast???You can also listen to him talk about the team on Fantasy Hockey Life and The Hockey Writers Live. Most Kings jerseys have been hits, but like any team, they have had their share of misses. However, overall, they've done a solid job with their logo, branding, and jersey design over the years.Now, we here at The Royal Half are a tad bit obsessed with that particular jersey so we were excited to find out that we aren't the only ones. The team's history shows it hasn't always been this way, and Kings fans are looking to the organization to bring some color back. Adidas recently revamped the Arizona Coyotes' primary jerseys, and LA should be next.It was emblazoned with their mascot Wildwing wearing the Anaheim jersey breaking through a sheet of ice. Others were done as a third jersey, which was rarely worn by the team. Others have been revamped to update the look or colors of the team. General Manager of the Buffalo Beauts . Hockey history writer The Hockey Writers. Credentialed media for the NHL Combine and 2018 IIHF World Junior Championships in Buffalo, NY, USA. Born and raised in Buffalo, NY. Lifelong hockey fan for over 40 years.

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